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Your benefits from commissioning a local translation provider

In the age of globalisaton the relevance of commissioning local suppliers like ad hoc is often far underestimated in industries as global and borderless as the translation business. However, we definitely are your much superior choice over the deluge of providers marketing their services online:

ad hoc is your guarantee for transparency and security

We are your safe bet. We provide a real postal address, you can be sure that our invoices are tax deductible, our VAT number is correct, and we are tangible – now and in years to come.

Numerous „major translation providers“ whose newsletters and colourful offers jam business inboxes at regular intervals, mainly consist of an elaborate website and little else. And will often have vanished within months.  The internet is known to be accommodating and in this case it is at the customer’s loss. Regardless of whether dumping prices become possible as translations are produced through copy and paste on google translate and as such at zero costs for the provider (but at huge consequential costs for the customer) or whether the provider details on their invoice turn out to be simply fake at your next tax review and will hence cost you dearly, it is wise to understand that even in the translation industry there is no such thing as a free lunch. To cut a long story short, the industry is full of scammers. Recommended reads providing further information www.translator-scammers.com, twitter.com/tsdirectory, www.translationrules.com/3-types-of-translation-scams-and-how-. etc.

The local factor in perfect translations

Background knowledge of things local is an essential ingredient for many translations in much more than merely linguistic respect. The Austrian Aufsandungserklärung has little in common with the sand on the beach and is as much of a frequent mistery to non-Austrian translation professionals as fiakers that come without horses but with lots of sugar instead.  And most certainly you do not wish to suffer a similar fate as one of our clients who asked us to proofread the translation of their website ordered through an internet-based translation provider. Discussing recent developments in Austrian society and politics what should have been translated as  „Austrian Islam Act“ (Islamgesetz – a law regulating does and dont’s for imams etc.) was actually translated as “Austrian Islamic law“, i.e. sharia.

Certified translations destined for use in Austria

Any documents issued in languages other than German that need to be submitted to Austrian authorities etc. require certified translation by an Austrian court interpreter and must be submitted in the original. Don’t let yourself be lured into commissioning seemingly cheap company-stamp-only translations via the internet as they are bound to be rejected.

ad hoc offers you certified translations in the required format in any language combination you require!

Quality Assurance of Translations

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