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Translation agency in Vienna for all languages!

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Translation of contracts

We translate your contracts from any language to any language. Regardless of whether your translation is needed for submission to the courts or for your closing, we are your best choice. We offer you both comprehensive legal know-how and specific legalese.

Certified translation of your contract: please note:

  • Contracts often are quite complex to understand posing numerous questions for outsiders. To facilitate your translation please make sure to provide us with contact details for clarifications.
  • Do you possess any drafts or earlier versions of the contract in both languages? If so, make sure to provide them so that teminological consistency is guaranteed.
  • Are you planning to get the contract signed in front of a notary public? Don’t forget to ask whether a court certified interpreter should also be present.
  • Contracts are often quite comprehensive and translations are needed at light speed. Whilst we will manage any volume of text within your desired deadline, express surcharges might apply for speedy delivery.
  • Will you need the certified translation in the original straight away or will a scan by email do for a start? This will save you precious time!

Quality Assurance of Translations

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