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Portuguese Interpreters & Translators

professional Portuguese translations and interpreters

Portuguese translations come in useful not only for your business relations with Portugal, but also with Brazil, because Brazilian is a variant of the Portuguese language.

With around 240 million speakers, Portuguese is one of the ten largest languages in the world. The Portuguese language spread worldwide in the 15th and 16th centuries through the Portuguese colonial empire, which in parts survived until 1975 and encompassed today’s Brazil as well as areas in Africa and on the coasts of Asia.

Portuguese is the official language of eight countries: Angola (approx. 15 million), Brazil (approx. 190 million), Guinea Bissau (1.5 million), Cape Verde (approx. 530,000), Mozambique (approx. 20 million), Portugal (approx. 10 million), East Timor (approx. 1 million), São Tomé and Príncipe (approx. 155,000 speakers) and is hence spoken on four continents. Portuguese is also spoken in areas that once were former Portuguese colonies, e.g. Macao (China). With over 190 million speakers in Brazil, Portuguese is the second most widely spoken language in South America after Spanish.

Although largely identical, there are also great differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese. In Portugal, for example, similar to the German “Du” and “Ihr”, the “tu” and “vós” are used, whereas in Brazil the courtesy forms “você” and “vocês” are generally used.

Whether Portuguese or any other language, your customers will listen to you more closely when you speak their mother tongue. We translate your texts into Portuguese or from Brazilian, whether they are technical manuals or your website. Translations from German into Portuguese are among the first steps many companies take when they decide to expand internationally.

Please note : If your translation is intended for one specific target market, e.g. either Portugal or Brazil, please let us know when your order. We will then assign a specialised translator to your project.

All translations benefit from our unique quality guarantee. First, your text is translated by a native-speaker specialist translator. Proofreading is done by a professional of the target language. In addition, an internal multilingual employee will check your translation. This quality assurance process guarantees that your translations are as error-free as possible – at an optimal price.

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