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Information for speakers

INFORMATION FOR SPEAKERS Interpreters are at your service to allow listeners from all ways of life and backgrounds to use different languages but still be perfectly understood. This makes interpreters key for the communication process and requires close cooperation with the speakers.  For speakers it certainly pays to stick to some basic rules since, after

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A history of interpreting

A history of interpreting We don’t know the exact date by which language as such was first invented, but it is safe to assume that shortly after signs and gestures no longer sufficed for decent communication the first interpreters came along to facilitate understanding between the speakers of already different tongues.   It is from

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Where do we work?

Simply put: wherever you need us! It goes without saying that most interpreting assignments take place in conference centres such as the Vienna Hofburg or the ACV, large hotels or other event venues. But we will follow you wherever you want us to go – worldwide. ad hoc interpreters have been deployed on ships, ski slopes, in

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Code of ethics

Code of ethics You will certainly wonder in whose ears your confidential information will end up and what you can rely on: here are the general ethical guidelines for professional interpreters: INTERPRETERS are committed to absolute secrecy on information of any kind disclosed to them during their work. They refrain from using confidential information revealed to

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The right choice

„The right word at the right time“ – or „What to look out for when picking your interpreting services provider“ Choosing the right interpreting provider is essential for the success of your event, but sometimes quite tricky considering the large number of options. Here is how to proceed: – Make sure to pick a seasoned

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What about availability ? Where and when are our interpreters available for you? The answer is quite simple: ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE! Thanks to our extensive network of professional interpreters around the globe we guarantee  support in any language, worldwide. Although the majority of our assignments take place in Austria and the EU, we are also

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International assignments

International assignments Interpreters are the keepers of their clients’ secrets and acquire considerable insider knowledge and terminology in the course of repeated collaboration – for our clients good reasons not to want to do without them. Many of our regular customers have therefore been taking our interpreters to events abroad for years, a common practice

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Maximum return on investment

We help you achieve maximum return on investment in your interpreters Which languages are important for your event? Find out which languages your speakers know and want to speak and which languages your audience understands. This is decisive for choosing the ideal interpreting mode and the number of interpreters required. Examples to illustrate: At your

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Where interpreters work

Where interpreters work Conference interpreters cover the demand for high-quality interpretation services from clients who need to be certain of perfect communication. Clients can be private companies, professional conference organisers, governments, international organisations, associations, and so on. Depending on how often they need them, they may use the services of freelance interpreters on an ad hoc basis

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