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Important information

When must translations be certified?


For submission to authorities and public institutions and whenever you need to provide an official translation. In general, certified translations can be produced for any document and text.


How much will it cost you?


We charge a flat base fee per document which covers the certification plus a volume of text equalling a standard certificate.  Additional text will be billed per standard line.

If you wish to receive your translation by post or courier service we will charge you for the costs.


What can you do to minimise costs and speed up the translation process?


  • Never wait until the last moment to commission your certified translation. Since the number of certified translators registered in Austria is limited it is wise to avoid peak times such as holiday seasons or vacation periods which will also spares you express fees.
  • For documents written in characters other than Latin please make sure to also provide a copy of the respective passport giving the name also in Latin alphabet. The spelling of names in certified translations must be identical with the version in the passport to be legally valid.
  • Remember that the validity of certain documents (e.g. extracts from criminal records, certificate of no impediment to marriage) is limited in time and commission your translation well before the expiration date.

– With hand-written texts and entries please make sure to clarify legibility in advance and provide a typed transcript along with the text to be translated.

– For translations destined for other countries it is wise to verify whether an apostille will be needed and if so, let us know directly!

– Please consider that certified translations must generally be submitted in the original and allow for the additional time required.

Quality Assurance of Translations

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