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Escort and liaison interpreters


Liaison interpreting

Escort and liaison interpreters accompany you to meetings, appointments, visits, negotiations, delegation visits, events and wherever you need an interpreter – but where no translation service is provided.

Our escort interpreters are so much more than just your translators – they are your  powerful eloquent ambassadors, your reliable partners by your side teaming up with you to achieve the goals you have set yourself for the meeting.

With a perfect command of both working languages, they use their background knowledge of the culture and customs of your interlocutor’s country of origin to make a sensitive contribution to maximising your success through skilful rhetorics.

Depending on the situation and the customer’s wishes, you have the choice between the following options:

  1. Whispered interpreting – the interpreter sits next to or – with several listeners – behind you – and whispers the translation into your ear. This allows you to react without delay and puts immediately in the picture. Maximum number of listeners: 3
  2. Sentence-by-sentence interpreting (sometimes mistakenly referred to as consecutive interpreting) – after each sentence, the speaker takes a break during which the interpreter translates. Suitable for larger audiences and giving you extra time to fine-tune your answer. – Number of interpreters: 1 to 2 per language combination (depending on length of assignment)

Languages: All languages and combinations possible

Required technical equipment: normally none. For larger audiences the use of a tour guide system may be advisable.

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